Montana Of 300 - Middle Child (Remix)

by Montana Of 300

I'm about to go crazy on 'em
Shout out to that nigga J. Cole, man
One of the only motherfuckers I fuck with

They counted me out, as if God don't exist
I know those that quit on me, they gotta be pissed
I went through the worst, made my heaven on earth
Just to get passed them gates, I was hoppin' the fence
I'm counting my blessings, I'm counting the bodies
And names of the rappers I checked off my list
They say it's a track, it sound more like a skit
I put rappers in boxes, this shit is a gift
I'm feeling like Birdie off Above the Rim
But I'm Thomas Sheppard, you niggas just Flip
I do not smoke, I don't drink, I don't sip
I am too focused on getting these chips
Man, these motherfuckers don't think like a hustler
They bound to go broke tryna follow the drip
I'm drippin', I'm saucin', when I'm say I'm ballin'
I'm sharper than Shannon, ain't talking to Skip
I don't trust record labels, the shit's all a trick
See, they'll make you famous while you make them rich
I feel like a cowboy, that gun on my hip
I put hoes on your block, like a nigga that Pimp
He said he want smoke, if I give him an ounce
I'll put him in a bag, he about to get zipped
My gun game is vicious, ain't talking bout Swishers
But I know some niggas that only sell sticks
And I know some niggas that only hit licks
You'd think someone was sick how they looking for Vics
Shout out to my squad, bitch we move like the mob
I just wanna see everyone set, like a pick
We getting to dough, like we driving a coupe
Bitch, I got killers that's hired to shoot
Bro poppin' that steel, once I give him the cue
You'll get dropped like you Bishop for trying my dues
Been a beast in these streets, I put 24s on the Caprice
Chevy used to sit higher than Snoop
I'ma give 'em the truth, 'til I lie in a suit
The kicks on me bussin', like Zion at Duke
I am self made, I did this shit by myself, I can't get put on a shelf
Bitch I'm that nigga, no amount of money can tame
I been goin' nuts since I came
Hustling's in my blood, it pump my veins
Before the web, I was with Mary Jane
I been in the game, I was moving them things
Came out clean at the end, nigga, that's Eddie Kane
I feel like Pac when he dropped Makaveli
I feel like double-O-seven Lil Wayne
I don't give a fuck about ice and no chain
Just the thought of my children's the reason I train
All they know is the sauce, they don't know the cost
All you show is your wins, let 'em know the loss
Read some books and keep calm if they pull you over
The police hate a nigga that know the laws
Why stand up for a flag, when they hope we fall?
In a grave or a jail that could hold us all
Pinned down like a bowling ball, they got a hold of y'all
Follow King James, like he protocol (Woo)
When it come to this rapping, you know I'm a beast with it
Take any beat I like and sink my teeth in it
I could get conscious, bitch, I could go deep with it
Words for your soul, yeah I know how to preach with it
Bar after bar, nigga I could start beatin' it
Change up my flow on you hoes, like Mystique with it
Up in the stu' sometimes I put the beef in it
Fuck who critiquing it, I'm out they reach with it
I cannot dumb it down, I cannot weaken it
I got it mastered, bitch I could start teaching it
The scary this is ain't reached my peak with it, ah
Still independent, nigga I'm a boss
Check my net worth, I ain't gotta floss
Bitch, I been lit, like a molotov
LV's on me when I tie my scarf
Wings up, bitch, it's a lot of sauce
Million dollar dick up in designer draws
All my ex bitches want my joggers off
They want the cock back, like a tomahawk
Your bitch wanna see me, she say she ain't sleepy
And said gon' wait up for me, like a scale
I fucked her good, now she under my spell
She be calling me

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